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HMS Raleigh PT payback for Sports Relief

18 March 2016
Trainee sailors and staff at HMS Raleigh have been given the chance to get their own back on the physical training instructors (PTI) to raise money for Sports Relief and the Royal Navy’s own charity

For a small donation sailors and civilian staff could nominate a PTI and then spin a wheel to determine the exercise their chosen instructor would be required to do. 

The six exercises on the wheel of fortune are part of the 10-week initial naval training programme for recruits and included rope climbs, retrieving bricks from the bottom of the pool, sprints, pull-ups, burpies and press-ups.

Leading Physical Trainer (LPT) Dan Threlkeld, the PT Payback event organiser, said:  “These are the exercises we give the trainees the most and the ones I think they find the toughest.  

It’s all for a great cause and we’ve raised over £500 to be split between Sport Relief and the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.

LPT Threlkeld

“The response from everyone at Raleigh was good; staff and trainees.  Certain PTIs took the brunt of the challenge, particularly with the trainees’ nominations. 

“I think in a weird way that shows a bit of mutual respect.  They recognise the commitment and effort we’ve put into their training to make them physically better and get them through their course and they’ve shared that little bit of camaraderie and felt comfortable enough with us to return the favour.”

For the super-fit PTIs it could be argued that it was just another day at the office, but things were not made easy for them.  

The intensity of the challenge increased with the amount of money donated. LPT Threlkeld was challenged to complete 30 rope climbs wearing a 15 kilogram weight belt.  He said:  “The rope is just over nine metres high and the trainees have to get to the top three times during initial training. 

“Some people who I served with on board ship put a little bit extra in the bucket to challenge me and then came back to see me do the rope climbs later. 

“It’s a bit like the circle of life.  We’ve given them exercises to do in the past and now they’ve given them to us.  It’s all for a great cause and we’ve raised over £500 to be split between Sport Relief and the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.”

Among those taking the pay back opportunity were this week’s passing-out-class.  Recruit Molly Taylor, aged 19, from Northumberland, said:  “The PT element of our course has been progressive to help us get fitter and stronger and to the level we need to be when we are in the Fleet. 

“The PTIs have given us a hard time when we’ve deserved it, but overall it’s been really enjoyable. 

“We’ve challenge PO Card, who was our instructor throughout our 10 weeks, because it’s a good cause and it’s a bit of fun, that’s the only reason.  We clubbed together and gave him sprints, press-ups, burpies, bricks and ropes.

“I think some others are going to come along later to make him do some more.  Training has been great and I’ve loved it.”

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