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Ship’s company divisions held at HMS Raleigh

17 March 2016
Over 400 Royal Navy Officers and sailors were on parade at HMS Raleigh as the establishment held its first full Ship’s Company Divisions of the year.

Staff at the training base in Torpoint joined the new recruits and trainees on specialist courses for the parade, which was inspected by Rear Admiral John Clink, Flag Officer Sea Training.

The parade marked the successful end of initial naval training for 51 members of Cornwell Division, comprising 40 budding engineer technicians, eight warfare specialists, two logisticians and one medical assistant. 

Captain Rob Bellfield said:  “The parade at HMS Raleigh is always a really proud occasion for the recruits, the friends and families, and for all the staff involved in recruit training. 

The parade at HMS Raleigh is always a really proud occasion for the recruits, the friends and families

Captain Rob Bellfield

“In line with Naval  custom, we also hold full Ship’s Company Divisions at least once per term, which allows me as the Commanding Officer and my senior team the chance to inspect and review all those serving at HMS Raleigh. 

“This time the passing-out class came from Cornwell Division, which is named after Boy Sailor Jack Cornwell, one of youngest recipients of the Victoria Cross. 

“At the aged of 16 he was awarded the VC posthumously for his bravery on board HMS Chester during the Battle of Jutland, having remained at his post while all around him were dead, despite being mortally wounded himself. 

“We use his story as an example to inspire the recruits as someone who displayed courage and commitment, values we aim to instil in initial naval training.”

Training at HMS Raleigh is currently the subject of a documentary series broadcast on Channel 4 on Monday evenings at 9 pm.

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