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Collingwood sailors compete in rowing challenge

17 March 2016
Personnel at HMS Collingwood competed for the Cutter Rose Bowl Trophy recently, which required 20 sailors to row 1km in a relay challenge as quickly as they could.

The event, aimed at introducing individuals to rowing as a sport, took place in the establishment’s Sports and Recreation Centre, and involved 20 members of the HMS Collingwood rowing team and Phase 2 trainees challenging each other, but all contributing to the overall time achieved by the establishment.

Petty Officer Physical Training Instructor Daz Hoare is himself relatively new to rowing but in the short time that he has been involved with the sport has competed in the British and English championships finishing 5th at the English Championships.

He believed that setting up this challenge would introduce his colleagues to the sport and may potentially encourage them to continue with it. 

We have identified certain potential from this competition

Physical Training Instructor Daz Hoare

He said “We have identified certain potential from this competition that will filter into the RN indoor rowing team.

During the afternoon’s challenge 17 Phase 2 trainees from the establishment’s Victory Squadron took part in the relay, which began with a briefing by Daz on set up, technique and warm up session.

The sailors then began rowing in earnest with the total time taken for the whole group 67 min 14 secs, with the best individual time achieved by Lieutenant Commander Rory West, of the Warfare Training group, of 3:06:01.

One of the trainees who took part, Seaman Specialist Joe Keates said “This is the first time I done this, I really enjoyed it. It was really good fun and I will probably do it again.”

The results will now go to HMS Temeraire with the Fleet/Establishment winner named in July.

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