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Ranks from Dubrovnik Troop of O Squadron, 43 Commando complete 24 peaks challenge

15 March 2016
A number of Royal Marines from Dubrovnik Troop of O Squadron, 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines (43 Cdo FP Gp RM) took some time out of their rotations on duty, conducting nuclear security operations in support of the Ministry of Defence Police in HMNB Clyde and Coulport, to conduct some adventurous training in the Lake District.

They set out to complete the 24 peaks challenge over 3 days in March.  This included Scafell Pike (the highest point in England – 978m) and Hellvellyn.  The 3 day package also allowed them to practice micro navigation as well as see some fantastic scenery (weather permitting).

43 Commando Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines is a 550-strong Unit based at HM Naval Base Clyde in Scotland.

Its primary mission is to prevent unauthorised access to the UK’s strategic nuclear deterrent through the provision of specialist military capability.

Additionally, maritime boarding and sniper teams and the very high readiness Fleet Contingent Troop are deployed world wide to conduct specialist maritime security tasks in support of the Royal Navy.

Royal Marine teams from 43 Commando are currently deployed on counter-piracy, counter-narcotics, and maritime interdiction operations in the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean.  There is also a detachment of cold weather warfare trained Royal Marines from the Unit deployed on the Royal Navy’s Ice Patrol Ship.

43 Commando is part of 3 Commando Brigade, the UK’s high readiness expeditionary amphibious force. 

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