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Royal Navy Police Officer excellence award

8 March 2016
Royal Navy Police Officer Luciano Uccella has been presented with an award for his excellence in developing partnerships.

Leading Regulator Uccella was awarded a Provost Marshal (Navy) Commendation at a ceremony in HM Naval Base Devonport, Plymouth.

He has been recognised for excelling in carrying out his role normally performed by a more senior officer, in particular fostering the strong partnership between the Royal Navy Police and Devon and Cornwall Police.

While working as the Acting Regional Intelligence Officer at RN Police Headquaters (Western) in Plymouth Luciano ensured continuity while fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of the senior investigator. This post is normally performed by a more senior Master-at-Arms.  

Overall, Leading Regulator Uccella delivered an outstanding performance

His ‘mature’ approach coupled with a ‘can do’ attitude meant the RN Police Headquaters maintained a full intelligence capability. 

He represented the Royal Navy Police at bi-weekly Devon and Cornwall Police senior level co-ordination meetings and with excellent interpersonal skills forged relationships, developed joint police operations and greatly impressed the civilian police community.

Luciano dealt with numerous MOD and outside agencies on a daily basis, always producing good results.

The citation stated: ‘Overall, Leading Regulator Uccella delivered an outstanding performance throughout his tenure at RN Police Headquaters. 

His efforts in developing intelligence in the western area were excellent and his interaction with Devon and Cornwall Police further embellished Royal Naval Police relationships with the Home Office Police. 

In that role he performed to a level normally expected of a seasoned senior rate and he proved himself to be the epitome of what the Royal Navy should expect from a member of the Royal Navy Police’.

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