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HMS Cambria going from strength to (trained) strength

HMS Cambria going from strength to strength
30 June 2016
Four members of the HMS Cambria ship’s company have achieved Trained Strength in the Warfare Seaman branch in recent weeks, successfully completing their training and developing themselves within HMS Cambria, their branch and the Royal Naval Reserves as a whole.

AB Jarek Klusevich joined the Warfare Seaman branch to give him a new challenge away from his office-based civilian job. He is looking forward to attending Ex Helios Encounter in Cyprus this year, and has a fantastic ambition to develop and progress far into his RNR career.

AB Morgan Davies is currently completing his A Levels, and he also joined the branch as something different to his day-to-day life in school. He is a very active member of the ship’s company, frequently attending sports weekends and exercises when he can get away from his studies!

AB Justin Raven is the longest-serving member of the new gains to trained strength. AB Raven is very active and has a strong passion for fitness, and so the Warfare Seaman branch perfectly suited his interests. 

He has trained overseas, worked with the NATO summit in Cardiff in 2014 and, along with AB Davies, was part of the team completing the UK Three Peaks Challenge in 2015. 

AB Curtis Pullum is a relatively new member of HMS Cambria, and will be joining ABs Klusevich, Davies and Raven as they progress through their branch training. 

All of them are looking forward to new challenges, new experiences and using their unique skills throughout their RNR career. 

They are all fantastic additions to HMS Cambria and we look forward to watching and helping them throughout their time in the ship’s company.

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