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Injured ex-RN Sailor,son and dog cycle for charity

21 June 2016
A mother and son set off on a tricycle ride from Plymouth Navy Base in aid of two military charities on Monday.

Tracey Blake and her son Luke, (not forgetting their assistance dog Chewbacca (Chewie) in the rear basket) are riding a disability trike for 200 miles over two weeks. 

Their journey began with an official send off from the Royal Navy Police SW HQ at Plymouth’s HMS Drake and an overnight stop at Buckfastleigh, giving the town’s residents a chance to turn out along the main street and give them a cheer.

Along the route, they will be at the forefront of a series of fundraising events for SSAFA, the UK’s oldest national military charity and the Royal Navy and Royal Marines’ Children’s Fund.

Support along the way in all its forms will be fantastic.

Tracey Blake

Tracey, who served with the Royal Navy, until an accident damaged her spine whilst on duty, now devotes her time to volunteering for SSAFA who provide assistance to the armed forces and their dependent families.

Her son Luke who’s autistic, is equally determined to complete the ride as he knows that SSAFA is so close to his mother’s heart.

The China Fleet Club provided offered rooms for two nights before the start of the ride. 

“We are so grateful to them,” said Tracey,  “Support along the way in all its forms will be fantastic. 

“I know only too well how difficult it is when you leave the armed forces with an injury.”                                                                                                                     

Tracey was on exercise in the Italian Alps when she helped to save two Royal Marines who were in danger of tumbling down a cliff. 

In the process of helping to heave them to safety, she severely damaged her neck and has had neck movement problems and severe headaches ever since. 

One of those she saved was ‘Pen’ Farthing who hit the headlines when he insisted on bringing home a dog he had looked after whilst serving in Afghanistan. He is supporting Tracey’s journey.

If you would like to pledge support in Buckfastleigh, please contact Elaine on [email protected].  Or visit to find out more and/or make a donation.  

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