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Capital ship stands up for The Queens Official 90th birthday

Capital ship stands up for The Queen’s Official 90th birthday
10 June 2016
The Royal Navy’s ‘capital ship’ HMS Westminster took time out from a busy period of regeneration in order to celebrate the official birthday of Her Majesty the Queen.

With the Ship regenerating following a significant period of upkeep, members of the Ship’s Company sporting hard hats and safety glasses lined up on the flightdeck to spell out EIIR, ably orchestrated by the Ship’s Executive Warrant Officer, WO1 Pete Johnson. 

Senior Naval Officer of the Portsmouth-based Frigate, Lieutenant Commander Chris L’Amie said, “On behalf of the Ship’s Company I would like to offer Her Majesty our very best wishes and loyal greetings on the occasion of her official 90th birthday.”

“It is an honour to serve in her Royal Navy and the sailors of HMS Westminster were delighted to be able to take the time to portray their sentiments in this way on such a fantastic milestone.”

On behalf of the Ship’s Company I would like to offer Her Majesty our very best wishes and loyal greetings on the occasion of her official 90th birthday

Lieutenant Commander Chris L’Amie, Senior Naval Officer

Wesminster has undergone a number of upgrades to her combat system including the installation of the new Surface Common Combat System, Radar 997 and most notably Sea Ceptor, the replacement Point Defence Missile System for Sea Wolf. 

The Ship is due to return to active service early next year when she will rejoin the fleet as one of the most advanced and capable frigates in the Royal Navy.

Commissioned in 1994 and based at Portsmouth naval Base, HMS Westminster displaces 4,900 tonnes and can travel up to 7,500 nautical miles with a top speed of 28 knots using her 4 diesel generators and 2 Rolls Royce gas turbines. 

The ships most obvious provider of punch and firepower, the 4.5” gun can fire up to two dozen high explosive shells, per minute, weighing more than 40kg (80lbs) at targets more than a dozen miles away - and nearly 18 miles if special extended-range shells are used. 

Various events have been held since April 21st to mark the occasion of Her Majesty’s 90th birthday which will culminate on June 11th the annual Trooping the Colour that takes place on Horse Guards Parade near London's St James's Park, marking The Queen's official birthday.

The ceremony of Trooping the Colour is full of military pomp and pageantry as The Queen carries out an inspection of the troops from one of HMS Westminster affliates, the Household Division.

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