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Lynx's Air Day farewell finale

5 June 2016
RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2016 will be the public’s last opportunity to see the Westland built Lynx maritime attack helicopters in action at their home event.

The show’s Lynx Farewell salute includes two special flying items: an emotive formation flypast and one last Maritime Role Demo.  

Joining them in Air Day’s five hour flying display will be small ships’ helicopters past and present, depicting three generations of rotary capability at sea.

Equipping 815 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) – part of the Lynx Wildcat Maritime Force (LWMF) - the Lynx HMA8 is the sole ‘legacy’ Lynx model now left in Fleet Air Arm service.  

Introduced in the mid-1990s, it will be retired in March 2017.  

A poignant diamond four formation will open Air Day’s flying programme, as we pay tribute to this hard-working and much-deployed type.

Later on, up to four Lynx aircraft will perform a final Role Demonstration. Involving fast-moving helicopters, troops and pyrotechnics, this will be an unmissable spectacle.

Operated by 825 NAS, the Wildcat HMA2 is the Lynx HMA8’s replacement.  

Based at RNAS Yeovilton, the squadron’s award-winning Royal Navy Black Cats helicopter display team has been taking the state-of-the-art new multi-mission helicopter out onto the airshow circuit since 2014.  

Always popular, the Black Cats’ very precise routine will again be an Air Day highlight.

Before the Lynx, anti-submarine/anti-surface warfare was the spritely Westland Wasp’s speciality. 

Royal Navy Wasps participated in 1982’s Falklands Conflict – a deployment that one privately-operated example’s markings now reflect.  

The 829 NAS-schemed Wasp HAS1 will give a lively solo display in the hands of owner Terry Martin.

Discounted advance tickets can be purchased at until 27 June.

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