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HMS Tyne supports Jutland 100 commemorations in Thyborøn

HMS Tyne supports Jutland 100 commemorations in Denmark
River Class Offshore Patrol Vessel (RCOPV) HMS Tyne has spent 5 days in the Danish port of Thyborøn supporting commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland.

The Portsmouth-based Ship entered the Danish Port after conducting a busy period of Marine Enforcement and Maritime Security Operations around the UK Coast. Shortly after she was joined by the Danish warship Nymfen who was also in port to support the events. 

Early on Tuesday 31 May, 11 sailors from Tyne travelled south to the port of Esbjerg to participate in the rededication led by Reverend David Simpson for Able Seaman Harry Gasson, who served in HMS Castor during the Battle.  

Tyne’s sailors conducted the ceremonial folding of the Union Flag which was presented to Harry’s descendants by Commodore Ian Bisson and the ship’s Executive Officer, Lieutenant Craig Clark. 

Able Seaman Liam McGough who attended the event said, "it was a very moving service which allowed closure for the family and it was a privilege to be part of such a special occasion".

Back in Thyborøn, both British and Danish patrol vessels were open to visitors, with over 250 people coming on board.

The new memorial in Thyborøn is a powerful reminder of the scale of the events and loss of life, and we are proud to be a part of this momentous occasion

Lieutenant Craig Clark RN, Executive Officer of HMS Tyne

As well as members of the local community wanting to see what both ships do, descendents from those who fought at the Battle of Jutland also came to have a look around.  

Sailors and civilians shared stories and engaged in discussions about today’s Navy witnessing first-hand the difference between the ships of 1916 to that of 2016.

The following day Tyne had the honour to represent the Royal Navy and United Kingdom at the opening of a new memorial park consisting of 26 granite stones – one for each of the 25 warships that sank and one for the casualties on the British and German warships that were damaged, but did not sink during the Battle.

This special occasion was attended by the grandson of Admiral of the Fleet, the Lord Jellicoe, and by the great-grandson of the German Admiral, Admiral Scheer.

Both descendants dressed and laid wreathes which concluded in an emotional shake of hands and embrace, which only echoed the strong bond between our two great nations. 

On completion of the ceremony, the British Ambassador Mrs Vivien Life, representatives from Tyne and Nick Jellicoe laid a wreath at the foot of the stone for HMS Tipperary, which was the last of the 25 ships to be discovered.   

Lieutenant Craig Clark RN, Executive Officer HMS Tyne said. ‘It is an honour to represent the Royal Navy at the commemoration events for the Battle of Jutland in Denmark.  

"Tyne spends a lot of time in the North Sea and the commemoration is a sobering reminder of what those sailors went through in the very waters we patrol today.

"The new memorial in Thyborøn is a powerful reminder of the scale of the events and loss of life, and we are proud to be a part of this momentous occasion.’ 

It was an important five days for HMS Tyne and her ship’s company who attended all of the events in Thyborøn and Esbjerg, opened the ship up to visitors for two days and hosted various dignitaries and guests on board.  

She proceeds back to sea to resume her Fishery Protection Tasking around the United Kingdom’s Economic Exclusive Zone before returning to Portsmouth for her six monthly husbandry and maintenance period.

HMS Tyne is one of the Royal Navy’s four RCOPVs in the Fishery Protection Squadron which conducts Marine Enforcement Operations to protect the UK Fishing Industry, along with a host of other duties to ensure the UK’s Maritime Security.  

The River Class spend up to 300 days per year at sea using a three watch manning system to rotate a section of the crew every few weeks. This means the versatile ships can be called upon at a moments notice to help with operations around the UK, or for the case of HMS Clyde, the Falkland Islands and South Atlantic.

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