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Windsor leadership trust wowed by leadership training

1 June 2016
Key leaders from across the private and public sectors paid a special visit to the Royal Navy Leadership Academy (RNLA), HMS Collingwood recently to learn more about leadership training in the Royal Navy.

Hosted by Commodore Adrian Aplin MBE, Assistant Chief of Staff Logistics and Infrastructure, and a team from the RNLA, the visitors (all Alumni of the prestigious Windsor Leadership Trust) received comprehensive briefs on the role of the RNLA which included their aims and objectives in producing the RN’s next generation of leaders.

The visitors were then invited to witness leadership courses conducting Practical  Leadership Tasks (PLTs) which included the “Fall of Faith”, where personnel stand on the platform and fall backwards in to the waiting arms of their colleagues, and the “Spiders Web” where the aim is for each course member to get through the web without touching the sides, as the photographs show.

I am immensely proud to showcase the Royal Navy’s tried and tested approach to leadership.

Commodore Adrian Aplin

Windsor Leadership Trust inspires, discovers and transforms leadership through a series of workshops, seminars and programmes.

They encourage people to think and act in different ways and to engage with leaders from other organisations and departments to develop personal networks. 

Speaking of the visit Commodore Aplin said “I am immensely proud to showcase the Royal Navy’s tried and tested approach to leadership to my fellow members of the Windsor Leadership Trust; Life at sea demands a unique style of leadership that the RNLA delivers with consistent success.

“All of my guests left with a much stronger appreciation of how the RN’s people operate and I am grateful to the OiC and his staff for their exemplary hosting.”

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