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Bulwark’s busy diary as she arrives in the North East

21 July 2016
Fleet Amphibious Flagship HMS Bulwark has arrived in the Port of Sunderland for a three-day visit.

As well as renewing affiliations and friendships with the City and County of Durham, ship’s personnel will take part in a Freedom of the City parade through the centre of Durham tomorrow.

Some 300 sailors and marines, led by the Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Portsmouth will march from 10.30am through to Palace Green for a service in Durham Cathedral.

On Saturday Bulwark will leave the port for Seaburn Beach for the Sunderland International Air Show.

Landing craft will deliver Royal Marines and Viking vehicles to the beach for an amphibious assault demonstration in the afternoon.

Bringing HMS Bulkwark to the North East is like taking the ship home.

Capt James Parkin

Bulkwark’s CO, Capt James Parkin, said:  “Bringing HMS Bulkwark to the North East is like taking the ship home.”

It will be Bulwark’s final visit to the area for a number of years as she hands over the Fleet Amphibious Flagship baton to HMS Albion next year before entering reserve and a subsequent refit.

ET Daniel Brown, who hails from Sunderland, said: “This is a very special port visit for me; being lucky enough to have the ship I’m serving come home to the North East is great and not something that most experience.”

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