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Royal Marines' show of strength on the Clyde

Royal Marines' show of strength on the Clyde
14 July 2016
Thinking about causing trouble on the Clyde? Think again. This is a show of force by the river’s green guardians: 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines.

The unit took the full range of their patrol craft out on to Gareloch for a rare demonstration of combined strength.

Together with the P2000 craft of the Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron – HMS Tracker and Raider – it’s the duty of these boats to protect the waterfront at Faslane Naval Base and any incoming and outgoing vessels.

The marines took nine boats and four different classes out on to Gareloch for the squadron exercise.

The largest craft in their arsenal: two souped-up former police boats Mull and Rona, painted RM green, fitted with three gun mountings for GPMGs, they’re capable of churning up the Clyde at speeds over 30kts (35mph).

Flanking the Island-class boat here are four ORC raiders – gunboats again armed with machine-guns, but able to reach 40kts (45mph) flat out.

One step further outwards and we come to Pacific 24 RIBs which are the mainstay of all Royal Navy & Royal Marines boat operations.

And just for good measure, on the outermost protective ring, the small, inflatable Inshore Raiding Craft, typically used for stealthily landing small detachments of commandos on hostile shores.

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