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Collingwood sailors compete to cross country

20 January 2016
Collingwood’s Cross Country Competition last week provided the opportunity to select individuals to represent the base at the Regional Championships.

The event organised by Leading Physical Trainer Emma Ochiltree, saw 140 competitors from across the base complete a 3 ½ mile race around the establishment.

With Leading Physical Trainer William Ballanger on hand to encourage the participants to stretch and warm up; Commander Andy Phenna, Executive Officer of HMS Collingwood, was also present to begin the race.

Commenting on the Cross Country event, Emma said “It was a fantastic event with massive support from the whole of HMS Collingwood, with 140 military and civilian personnel taking part. 

It gives a chance for everyone to kick start the New Year and bring everyone together after Christmas leave

Leading Physical Trainer Emma Ochiltree

“This event is done every year to kick start the Cross Country session, it gives a chance for everyone to kick start the New Year and bring everyone together after Christmas leave!”

With each participant running to achieve first place in their respective category, the top runners have been selected to represent Collingwood in a few weeks time at Browndown in Gosport, which will see the Eastern Region compete this week.

On completion of the race, the runners gathered in the establishments Gymnasium, where hot drinks were on offer and Captain Andy Jordan RN, Commanding Officer of HMS Collingwood was in attendance to award the winners with prizes such as t-shirts and bags.

On the day, the results were: 

M Under 20       

1st          19.11.14               AB Chu
2nd        20.55.12               AB Calvert

F Under 20         

1st          27.29.67               AB Perrin
2nd        28.46.60               AB Mears

M Senior             

1st          18.57.65               AB Foster
2nd        19.01.14               LCIS Gaffney

F Senior

1st          27.46.15               AB Macdonald
2nd        28.24.00               AB James

M Veterans

1st          20.08.11               LT Cdr Giles
2nd        21.34.37               Mr Shaw

 F Veterans        

1st          24.20.73               Mrs Sewell

M Team

1st          62 Points              ETWE CIS 15/05

F Team

1st          229 Points           118 - 118

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