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Sultan boxing show pulls all the punches

5 January 2016
A dazzling display of boxing was enjoyed by all recently at the HMS Sultan Boxing Show, 2015.

Spread across the evening, 20 boxers went toe-to-toe in the ring displaying skill and bountiful levels of determination and pride in front of an animated sell-out crowd.

The annual event pits the Establishment’s boxers against local rivals HMS Collingwood, with 3 scoring bouts between the two on the evening’s card.

In addition both establishments placed individual boxers against guest fighters from the Royal Engineers and local Amateur Boxing Clubs from Gosport and Moneyfields. 

They have put in months of hard work and training in their own time both morning and night

Leading Physical Trainer Rob Docker

The event provided an excellent opportunity for the boxers to gain experience of performing within the prestigious formal environment of a Royal Navy Boxing Dinner show and for many this was also their first competitive bout in the ring.

Competition throughout the evening was fierce, with spectators also enjoying a female bout with Able Seaman Allanah Pope losing out in the ring to Rosie Ratzer from Gosport ABC.

HMS Sultan had held the trophy as winners for 4 consecutive years, however, despite a valiant attempt, retaining the trophy for a 5th time proved to be too difficult as HMS Collingwood claimed a 2:1 win thanks to individual wins from Able Ratings Remi Emerson and Will Jones.

Captain Trevor Gulley, the Commanding Officer of HMS Sultan, congratulated all of the boxers on their gallant efforts and presented awards for the Best Bout to Royal Engineer Anthony Keywood who defeated Aircraft Engineering Technician George Bateman from Sultan, and a Best Boxer award to AB Nathan Levers for his victory over Moneyfield ABC’s Owen Cooper.

In Addition, it was the privilege of Commander Andy Phenna, the Executive Officer, HMS Collingwood, to present Collingwood’s squad with the overall winner’s trophy for their fantastic win.

The event organiser Leading Physical Trainer Rob Docker was particularly proud of both team’s efforts.

Rob said “These guys manage to prepare themselves both physically and mentally whilst also maintaining the standards required of them by their respective course managers for their professional courses.

"They have put in months of hard work and training in their own time both morning and night and have done themselves, their establishments and the Royal Navy proud.”

Table of Results (Winners in Bold)

Mike Alton (Moneyfields ABC) (MABC) 54KG-Gilbert Sullivan (Gosport ABC) (GABC) 54KG

Able Seaman Allanah Pope (Collingwood) (CWD) 57KG-Rosie Ratzer (GABC) 59KG

AB Remi Emerson (CWD) 70KG-Aircraft Engineering Technician (AET) George Bateman (SUTAN) (SUL) 70KG

AB Ben Rossiter (CWD) 75 KG-John Ball (GABC) 72.5KG

Sapper Anthony Keywood (Royal engineers) (RE) 76KG-Marine Engineer Joe Campbell (SUL) 80.4KG

AB Will Jones (CWD) 81KG-Sub Lieutenant Steve Cox (SUL) 80.8KG

AB Joe Morton (CWD) 81KG-Leading (AET) Andrew Love (SUL) 81KG

AB Nathan Levers (CWD) (Voted Best Boxer) 83KG-Owen Cooper (MABC) 81KG

AB Ryden Teal (CWD) 91KG-Lance Corporal (LCpl) Andrew Lauder (RE) 90KG

LCpl Gregg Hedge (RE) 97KG-AET Connor McLellan (SUL) 98.1KG

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