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Helston community college visits RNAS Culdrose

29 February 2016
A group of budding IT students from Helston Community College recently visited Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose, to see how the base makes the best use of its technology and information systems.

A highlight for many on the day was helping to operate the flight deck simulator, which involved trying to land an aircraft safely on the back of a moving aircraft carrier. 

This proved a real hit with the students, Nick Brown spoke for the group by saying:The flight deck simulator was really cool -  I hadn’t seen the tech side of Culdrose before and it was fascinating. 

"I want to be a pilot so being around these aircraft really motivates me.”

The next stop on the visit was to 824 Squadron, where the students were allowed to inspect the physical aircraft itself.  Finally they climbed to the very top of the Air Traffic Control Tower , stopping halfway up to chat with the Met Office.

The flight deck simulator was really cool - I hadn’t seen the tech side of Culdrose before and it was fascinating.

Nick Brown

Many of the students want to pursue a career using their Business and IT skills.  The visit was the perfect opportunity to view Military hardware and witness first-hand how communications and IT supports all aspects of working life in the Navy. 

Student Greg O’Gillan explained: "My father used to serve with the Royal Navy and I would like to be an F35 pilot so this has been a total insight into the types of technology the Military uses.”

The visit was a great success and their teacher Laura Hocking summed up the experience by saying: "It’s great to have a facility like Culdrose on our doorstep.  It’s an ideal resource for us to take the kids out of the classroom and into a real life environment.

"Today has helped show the students what life in the Royal Navy and the Fleet Air Arm is really like, and they have thoroughly enjoyed it.”

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