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Double success for HMS Duncan

26 February 2016
The Royal Navy’s newest warship has scooped two trophies in the Navy’s annual fleet effectiveness awards.

Type 45 destroyer HMS Duncan has been recognised for outstanding professionalism during her maiden nine-month deployment to the Middle East.

The Portsmouth-based ship has been awarded both the Royal Navy’s Destroyer Efficiency Trophy and the Grytviken Cup.

The efficiency trophy is awarded annually to the destroyer that has made a consistent and outstanding contribution in the execution of her tasking and shown the highest standards of effectiveness.

The Grytviken Cup, named after the action to retake South Georgia in the Falklands War, goes to the ship demonstrating the highest standards in above-water warfare.

HMS Duncan ship’s company can look back with great pride at what they have achieved over the past twelve months.

Commander Richard Atkinson

During her nine months in the Gulf, Duncan provided air defence for a US carrier strike group - led by the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt – which conducted airstrikes on Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

Duncan played an integral part in keeping the carrier, and other ships in region, safe from surface or air attack.

Commander Richard Atkinson, the ship’s commanding officer during the deployment last year, said: “HMS Duncan ship’s company can look back with great pride at what they have achieved over the past twelve months.

"It has certainly been the highlight of my career to command her over the nine- month Op Kipion deployment, and every sailor and marine on board can be proud that their achievements have been recognised in these two awards.”

During the deployment HMS Duncan maintained her war-fighting capabilities by firing over 90,000 rounds of ammunition during exercises and sailed 43,000 nautical miles (equivalent of twice round the world), visiting 14 different countries. 

Cdr Atkinson has just handed the captain’s reins to Cdr Charlie Guy, who said: “I am delighted to take command of the Royal Navy’s newest warship. The Type 45 destroyers are incredibly potent warships and none more so than HMS Duncan.”

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