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Gosport Officer commended for unstinting efforts

22 February 2016
Gosport Royal Navy engineer Lieutenant Adrian “Adie” Gibson has been singled out for his outstanding contribution to operations around the globe.

Lt Gibson, who has just left the Royal Navy after more than 30 years’ service, was awarded a commendation by the Second Sea Lord – Britain’s third most senior sailor.

The 48-year-old engineering officer, who grew up in Oxfordshire and attended Fitzharry School in Abingdon before joining the Navy in 1985, was recognised  for his commitment and dedication working at the Fleet Intelligence Centre in HMS Collingwood in Fareham, Hampshire.

He said: “I was on resettlement leave when I was informed of the award. I was very happy to have been nominated and recognised for my efforts.”

I was very happy to have been nominated and recognised for my efforts.

Lieutenant Adrian Gibson

During his long career, Adie recalled that his greatest experience had to be his Great Lakes deployment in 1987.

It was his first draft and he was able to visit some amazing places during the course of his duties.

Adie and is married to Katy and has a daughter and son.  In his spare time he enjoys football and tennis.

He received his commendation from Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral Jonathan Woodcock – who oversees all personnel issues in the Royal Navy – at a ceremony in the Nelson Gallery of the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard.

He added: “My commendations provide me with the opportunity to formally recognise individuals who have excelled in their professionalism and dedication to the Naval Service. 

“It is a privilege to present the commendations today to so many exceptional men and women and thank them personally for their outstanding efforts.”

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