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Naval Service engineers encouraged to switch to submarines

10 February 2016
Royal Navy engineers from ships, aircraft and shore establishments are being invited to consider transferring their expertise to support the UK’s Submarine Service.

The search has begun to attract up to 40 engineers from the Royal Navy’s surface flotilla and fleet air arm to transfer over to the Submarine Service.

“The importance of the submarines to the UK is crystal clear: they provides Continuous at Sea Deterrence; the arrival of the rest of the new Astute class and the last two Trafalgar Class boats will HM Naval Base Clyde become the submarine centre of specialisation by 2020,” said Rear Admiral Submarines (RASM) John Weale.

“This is a proactive step to make sure that we have the right people with the right engineering qualifications in the right place at the right time. In part, this is a response to private industry poaching our extremely well trained engineering experts in the civil nuclear industry and beyond.”

To make sure that the Submarine Service is properly supplied with Engineers, the Navy Board has tasked RASM with ensuring that there is no dip in provision ahead of newly qualified engineers coming through the training pipeline over the next few years.

This is a proactive step to make sure that we have the right people with the right engineering qualifications in the right place at the right time

Rear Admiral Submarines (RASM) John Weale

The Sustainable Submarine Manpower Programme team will be touring Royal Navy ships and establishments, including Royal Marines, 8-25 February 2016 to encourage existing technical staff to cross train as Leading Hands and Petty Officer Marine or Weapons Engineers in the Submarine Service. A deadline for nominations for transfer has been set for 26 March 2016.

Those transferring into the Submarine Service will receive a £5,000 ‘Golden Hello’ on achieving their ‘Dolphins’ – a recognition that they have qualified as a submariner. Furthermore they will be entitled to an attractive submarine pay package which could equate to as much as 25% depending on rank and specialisation. This comes with it a five year return of service once they become submarine qualified.

All volunteers must have at least three years left to serve; accept an extension of service; be Medically Fully Employable and hold or be willing to hold sole British nationality.

Once they are transferred and qualify as submariners, branch specific training would begin to help the new engineers manage and sustain technologically advance and world-beating engineering systems.

Those interested in transferring to the Submarine Service can contact the team by phone (Military Network) 9380 28603 or email.

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