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Sailors compete for cross country championships

2 February 2016
The Royal Navy (RN) Eastern Region Cross Country Championships took place recently, providing the opportunity for individuals to be selected to represent the region at the RN Championships.

HMS Excellent, HMS Collingwood, HMS Sultan and HMNB Portsmouth contributed runners to the event, held at HMS Sultan in Gosport, in an attempt to claim victory in their individual respective categories and as an establishment overall, with the top 10 participants attending the Navy Championships at HMS Raleigh in Cornwall next month.

The event, which began on Sultan’s polo field, saw 76 competitors run the course which led them across the base after receiving a short briefing from organiser Leading Physical Trainer Liam Saunders.

It’s a great feeling to see our runners succeed and keep the trophy on home ground.

organiser Leading Physical Trainer Liam Saunders.

Commenting on the event, Liam said “It’s a great annual event as it is the primary selection method for the Navy championships being held next month at Raleigh.

“The runners, who have had a great race, are now looking to representing the Region.

“The course was different this year due to the intended location being water-logged, allowing the runners the opportunity to see new parts of Sultan, such as the forts, granges and the goats that live on the base!

“It’s a great feeling to see our runners succeed and keep the trophy on home ground.”

On completion of the race, the runners gathered at the finish line to enjoy the hot drinks, soup and flapjacks which were on offer.

Captain Trevor Gulley OBE ADC RN, Commanding Officer of HMS Sultan was in attendance to award the winners and runners up with medals, proceeding to announce HMS Sultan as the overall winners and present them with the trophy. 

On the day, the results were: 

Position                Name    Establishment

U23 F 1                 ET(ME) BENSON               Sultan
U23 F 2                 AB(MW) PERRIN              Collingwood
U23 F 3                 AB(CIS) SCHOFIELD         Collingwood

U23 M 1               AET GARGAN                     Sultan
U23 M 1               AET WATKINS                    Sultan
U23 M 1               ET(ME) DALTON                Sultan

SNR F 1                 LT  ASHTON                        Sultan
SNR F 2                AET BAZELEY                      Sultan

SNR M 1                AB STOKER                          Portsmouth
SNR M 2               AB CAPE                               Portsmouth
SNR M 3               L(CIS) GAFFNEY                 Collingwood

VET F 1                  CPO DRYHURTST              Sultan
VET F 2                  MS SEWELL                        Collingwood

VET M 1                LT HERNDEN                       Excellent
VET M 2                LH CARD                              Collingwood
VET M 3                WO1 HOLIDAY                   Excellent

1ST         HMS SULTAN

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