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One down, 3010 to go as HMS Queen Elizabeth’s first carrier compartment is handed over

1 February 2016
This is the very first of just over 3,000 compartments on Britain’s new carrier handed over for the crew of HMS Queen Elizabeth, ready to cram with equipment.

With the 65,000-tonne ship – the largest ever built for the Royal Navy – due to sail later this year, and the ship’s company due to move on board even sooner, bit by bit compartments will be transferred to the sailors to turn into living, breathing working warship.

The first – 9J – is a logistics compartment, but will serve as a temporary training facility in the short term for Damage Control Officer, Lt Cdr John Ball.

Over the coming weeks, this compartment will be populated with equipment and training will commence.

For those of you who know your warship layouts, 9J is very deep in the bowels of the 65,000-tonne flat-top (eight decks down from the flight deck) and roughly midships (compartments are labeled A to Z bow to stern).

The handover comes just a couple of days after the first of the (eventual) 679-strong ship’s company joined QE’s younger sister Prince of Wales across Rosyth dockyard.

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