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Sultan keeps with Naval traditions

21 December 2016
HMS Sultan kept with the best of Naval Christmas Traditions recently as it held its Christmas Carol Service and Junior Rates Christmas Dinner.

This year Staff and trainees enjoyed a Carol Service with a difference as the message of the nativity was told using popularly named chocolate bars, before HMS Sultan recognised its own sporting kings from across the Establishment and its many lodger units.

In September personnel were given the opportunity to take up an 80 day challenge of completing either 100 miles of running, walking and rowing or a 500 mile challenge based around running, walking, rowing, cycling and x-trainer.

Seventy people took part in the challenge covering a total of 17,470miles, an average for the Establishment of 218 miles a day. 

Eight people managed to complete both challenges with two of those even managing to reach 1,100 miles each!

Special commemorative T-shirts were awarded to each winner by Captain of Naval Physical Development Captain Mike Young MBE.

Throughout the year Phase Two trainees from the Defence College of Technical Training’s Royal Naval Air Engineering & Survival Equipment School (RNAESS) and the Defence School of Marine Engineering (DSMarE) competed in multiple sports in the Engineers Trophy.

With all the results in, the Commanding Officer of HMS Sultan, Captain Peter Towell OBE, presented the RNAESS with the Trophy to close the Carol Service, but for the junior rates the day’s festivities had just begun.

As evening drew near the Executive Officer of HMS Sultan, Commander Mark Hamilton, joined Captain Towell and other key members of the Establishment at the Junior Rates Amenities Centre to serve the trainees a special Christmas Dinner, with junior officers from the Systems Engineering and Management Course (SEMC) serving the Junior Rates their drinks.

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