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Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps receive berets

Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps receive berets
12 December 2016
Royal Marines Cadets received their berets in a parade held at Royal Marines Barracks Stonehouse in Plymouth.

Cadets from Cadet Recruit Troop 216 received their blue berets in a parade to recognise the completion of six months of training.  

The cadets, who are part of the Plymouth Division Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps, have learned basic field craft, parade training, weapon handling, uniform maintenance and basic values of the Royal Marines.

Captain Paul Cook (Royal Marines), supervising officer, said, “The Royal Marines believe in the cadet organisation. It helps bring us into the community; it demonstrates that the values and standards that we instil in our Marines are as important in everyday life as they are on the battlefield.”

He continued, “The four core values of courage, determination, unselfishness and cheerfulness in the face of adversity are not just Royal Marines values, they’re life values, and we want to see more of it, especially in our young people.”

The Royal Marines believe in the cadet organisation. It helps bring us into the community

Captain Paul Cook Royal Marines, supervising officer

The event was attended by Lieutenant Colonel Nik Cavill, Commanding Officer 30 Commando, and Warrant Officer Regimental Sergeant Major Liam Douthwaite, of 30 Commando.

The Plymouth Division of the RM cadet corps, will stage an induction day on the Monday 16th January, providing a chance to taste life as a Royal Marine Cadet with displays of field craft, cooking and bivouac shelter building.

The Volunteer Cadet Corps provide opportunities for youngsters to develop into responsible, dependable and useful members of society; to promote self-discipline and comradeship and to teach the basic principles of leadership in preparation for adult life.

The Plymouth Division RMVCC meet every Monday and Wednesday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Royal Marines Barracks Stonehouse. 

If your child is aged between 9 to 18 and interested in joining the Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps, please visit or email WO2 Ossie Glover RMC at [email protected] for further information.

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