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Royal Navy Patrol Boat HMS Raider hosts BBC One Show

25 August 2016
Royal Navy sailors from the Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron hosted the BBC One Show on Monday, August 15.

Presenter, John Sergeant, and a crew from the BBC took to the water with Royal Navy patrol boat HMS Raider to film a piece for an upcoming show.

Setting off from HM Naval Base Clyde, the BBC spent most of the day on the Gareloch filming the story of World War Two mission, Operation Fish.

The Wartime tale of daring-do saw the country’s wealth loaded onto ships in the Clyde where it was transported to Canada for safe keeping.

It was a pleasure to host the One Show and meet John Sergeant.

Lieutenant Chris Fox

During the day John Sergeant interviewed academic Doctor Peter Catterall and Sally Cronin, the daughter of Eric Coleman who was involved in the top secret mission.

 Lieutenant Chris Fox, who commands HMS Raider, said: “It was a pleasure to host the One Show and meet John Sergeant.”

“Hearing about Operation Fish reminds us of the long and enduring connection that the Royal Navy has with the Clyde.  It’s a connection that is still very apparent today and which HMS Raider is proud to be a part of.”  

The date of broadcast is not yet know, but is expected to be shown at some point over the next few weeks. 

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