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Chiddingfold meets the Pakistani Navy in Bahrain

23 August 2016
Whilst alongside Bahrain for a routine maintenance period, officers from HMS Chiddingfold were delighted to meet their opposite numbers from the Pakistan Naval Ship (PNS) Khaibar.

The frigate previously served under the White Ensign as the Type 21 HMS Arrow.

None of HMS Chiddingfold’s officers were old enough to remember these ships in the RN but it was fascinating to see how the ship, built on the Clyde, is kept in fighting trim after 40 years of service.

Prior to her sale to the Pakistan Navy, HMS Arrow fought with distinction in the Falklands War and helped evacuate the crew of the T42 HMS Sheffield after she had been hit by an Exocet missile.

Chiddingfold’s officers were hosted for a tour of the vessel and were able to see many of her original RN features alongside the many enhancements whilst in service with the Pakistan Navy.

In return, Khaibar’s warfare officers were hosted for a tour of HMS Chiddingfold and they were amazed to see that both Ships shared some identical original Bridge equipment!

PNS Khaibar was visiting Bahrain in support of the rotation of Command of Combined Task Force 150 from the Royal Navy to the Pakistan Navy supporting the Combined Maritime Force’s work against Piracy, Drug Smuggling and maintaining Maritime Security.

HMS Chiddingfold is based out of Bahrain as part of the Forward Deployed UK MCM Force helping to guarantee the free movement of shipping throughout the Gulf region.

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