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Minister for the armed forces visits Royal Navy future carriers

19 August 2016
The Minister of State for the Armed Force, Mike Penning MP, was welcomed on board the nation’s future Queen Elizabeth Class aircrafts carriers, currently being built by the Aircraft Carrier Alliance in Rosyth dockyard.

Looking around the carriers for the first time since he took up his role, the Minister met the men and women of the Royal Navy who will be responsible for operating HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales from their future base port of Portsmouth Naval Base.

Minister for the Armed Forces, Mike Penning MP, said:

“These magnificent ships have created thousands of jobs in Rosyth and across the UK, and I am proud to meet the men and women who are bringing them into service.

 “These carriers will spearhead Britain’s sea power for the next 50 years, keeping our nation safe at home and protecting our interests abroad. They are just part of our investment in a growing Royal Navy, backed by a defence budget that will rise every year for the rest of the decade.”

As the Royal Navy’s flagships for the next 50 years, these ships will employ cutting edge technology to deliver fighting power at sea and over land.

Captain Jerry Kyd

The Commanding Officer of HMS Queen Elizabeth, Captain Jerry Kyd said:  “The Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers are the product of a pioneering partnership between UK industry and the Ministry of Defence.

"As the Royal Navy’s flagships for the next 50 years, these ships will employ cutting edge technology to deliver fighting power at sea and over land. 

"Symbolising our nation in both steel and spirit, the Queen Elizabeth Class carriers will be powerful ambassadors for Britain on the global stage, in both peace time and times of conflict.

"These ships truly will be at the forefront of British military power projection for decades for generations to come.” 

Jon Pearson, Delivery Director for the Aircraft Carrier Alliance said: “The scale and complexity of the QE Class programme demonstrates the ability of British Industry to deliver world-class products and capability to our Armed Forces.

"Both ships are at an highly advanced state, and it was a pleasure to host the Minister on HMS Queen Elizabeth as the Aircraft Carrier Alliance prepares her for the Ship’s Company living on board early next year.”

The carriers will provide over 4 acres of sovereign territory which can be deployed around the world, capable of travelling at upwards of 500nm a day.

Both ships are capable of carrying up to 36 F-35B Lightning II fifth generation jets, capable of sharing vast amounts of information and landing vertically on the flight deck.

At 65,000 tonnes, the QEC are the largest and most powerful class of warships ever built for the Royal Navy.

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