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Gosport Shed visits Britannia Royal Naval College

17 August 2016
Members of the Gosport Shed have been given into an insight into Officer training carried out at Britannia Royal Navy College in Dartmouth.

A group of 13 spent two-days at the College in Devon, where they were briefed on the 30-week initial naval training course for Officers and were also able to meet some of the Cadets. 

Most of those visiting were either former sailors or had links with the Royal Navy and the Armed Forces. 

The group were also given an historical tour of the College, which was opened in 1905.  Previously Cadets were trained on wooden hulks moored in the River Dart.

Overall we were really impressed, treated like royalty and well looked after.

Harry Ansell

Harry Ansell, the Chairman of the Gosport Shed, who is a former Royal Navy Writer, said:  “This was one of the regular visits we organise for members. 

“We have a strong naval connection and are often invited to the Naval establishments around Portsmouth. 

“It was an honour to be invited to the College.  Some of us had seen it from the outside before, only one of our group had previously been inside.

“Those of us who were ex-Navy felt at home straight away. 

“The Cadets were fantastic and very enthusiastic.  We sat through some of their lectures and I noticed that the ethos seems more hands-on than when I joined up. 

“Overall we were really impressed, treated like royalty and well looked after.”

The Gosport Shed is a registered charity, providing workshop facilities and a friendly meeting place for older men.

It is available for community projects and for members’ own projects and hobbies.  The Gosport Shed is located at St Vincent. 

Further information is available online at


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