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Portsmouth Sail Training Trust’s inaugural HMS Bristol Trophy Regatta

5 August 2016
Portsmouth Sail Training Trust hosted the first HMS Bristol Trophy Regatta finals on 28 and 29 July in Portsmouth Harbour.

The event was a culmination of the summer term’s training and race programme. The series of nine races sailed over two days was between PSTT pupils, all who attend the Trust’s training programme from Portsmouth’s Trafalgar School, St Edmunds and Charter Academy.

The HMS Bristol trophy was presented by her Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander David Price. 

HMS Bristol is now permanently moored in Portsmouth Harbour and provides training and accommodation facilities to naval personnel and youth groups.  

Where you come from is not nearly as important as where you are going.

The beautiful trophy was originally donated to HMS Bristol in 1973 by Lady Hogg on the launch of the ship. 

The trophy was awarded to the best sailors during the ship’s operational service, which included action during the Falklands War. 

The inscription on the cup reads, ‘Where you come from is not nearly as important as where you are going’. 

Lieutenant Commander Price believes that awarding the trophy annually to recognise the achievements of Portsmouth Sail Training Trust pupils, and to encourage the spirit of competition, is an excellent way to celebrate the development of young local sailing talent.

After two days of intense competition, with teams of pupils sailing seven of the Trust’s donated 19’ Squib keelboats, there were three teams heading the overnight leader board on Thursday - Kacey Ellen Thornton and Evie Mant, Luke Symonds and Nathan Gunnell Jones and Frank Leslie with Tom Wilkinson. 

After four races on Friday, and a closely fought battle, the overall winners emerged as Tom Wilkinson (16) and Frank Leslie (16) from Charter Academy. 

Wilkinson and Leslie won The HMS Bristol Trophy which was presented by Lieutenant Commander Price, as well as the Best Helm and Crew trophies presented  by Anne Fairey, a key supporter of PSTT,  in memory of her son Alexander. 

Declan Hayes was awarded The Most Improved Sailor Trophy by Rear Admiral Paul Bennett CB OBE.

PSTT engages young people from some of Portsmouth’s most socially deprived areas in sail training, boat building and learning marine skills, to support their educational development, life and commercial skills acquisition, and raise their aspirations. 

PSTT Chairman Edward Phillips said, “A fantastic two days racing fun has been had by all our young people, and for all our volunteers and helpers. 

“We are extremely grateful for all the support to PSTT and the regatta in particular to the Royal Navy, Anne Fairey and to HMS Bristol for providing an amazing base for the inaugural regatta.”

Portsmouth Sail Training Trust is striving to expand the numbers of young people who can benefit from PSTT’s programme of regular participation in sailing and learning marine skills, and to build a sustainable future for more schools to engage with the programme.

The Trust is seeking new partners, donors and volunteers, to help underpin its valuable work, supporting the regeneration of Portsmouth and enabling better life chances for its young people.

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