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Lord Mayor of Westminster visits her namesake warship

Lord Mayor of Westminster visits her namesake warship
26 April 2016
The Lord Mayor of Westminster swapped her chain of office for industrial safety gear during a visit to her namesake warship which is nearing the end of a huge upgrade in Portsmouth.

Lady Christabel Flight was given a comprehensive tour of the new-look HMS Westminster which included a close-up inspection of its Sea Ceptor Weapon system, 997 radar and sonar capability.

The Lord Mayor, whose one-year term of office ends next month, has taken a keen interest in the ship during her tenure.

She said: “My relationship with HMS Westminster has been a real highlight of my tenure and I hope to maintain those close links into the future. I would like to wish HMS Westminster and her ship’s company all the very best for her regeneration and return to the operational fleet.”

The ship’s Senior Naval Officer, Lieutenant Commander Chris L’Amie, said: “It was a real pleasure to welcome the Lord Mayor to HMS Westminster. Throughout Lady Flight’s year in office she has been a great friend to the ship. 

"Our affiliation to her office remains one of our most active and valuable relationships and we look forward to building upon it in the future.”

The affiliation will be further cemented next month when the crew attends the Lord Mayor’s end-of-office reception, and in June they will return to support some of Westminster’s civic ceremonies in London.

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