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Media Centre / Display Teams / royal marines commando display team
royal marines commando display team
Media Centre / Display Teams / royal marines commando display team

royal marines commando display team

Showcasing the multitude of combat skills the Royal Marines Commandos are expected to master

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Based at Yeovilton, the team travels the length of the British Isles to county fairs and festivals, motor and air shows, charity and sporting events. If you are interested in this, please contact your local Armed Forces Careers Office, and they will help to organise this with you.

What to expect

Unarmed combat
Unarmed combat is a highly disciplined method of hand-to-hand fighting, which is taught to all Royal Marines. The display is performed by up to sixteen marines in four-man teams on separate mats around the arena.

Helicopter abseiling
Helicopter abseiling provides an exciting display of one of the many skills taught to all Royal Marines. The helicopter abseil usually provides an entrance into the unarmed combat display. The marines abseil either individually or as part of a multiple abseil dependent on the type of aircraft being used. The marines descend from heights of up to 180ft during this spectacular display. The availability of helicopters is subject to operational commitments and cannot, therefore, always be guaranteed.

Helicopter fastroping
Fastroping is a method used to deploy lightly equipped troops into confined areas where a helicopter could not land. The rope is suspended from the hovering aircraft and the fastroper wears special gloves, allowing him to slide, gripping with only his hands, down the rope under control from heights of up to 90ft.

Static displays
Throughout the day the visiting public have the opportunity to experience the challenge of the extreme sport of rock climbing on our state of the art simulators. The Rocks are climbing walls, similar in concept to vertically mounted treadmills. They can be adjusted electronically to suit all skill levels from the complete novice to the extreme climber. These walls allow the public to experience rock climbing in an extremely safe yet exhilarating environment. The Rocks are located under large inflatable domes which allow members of the public to watch those trying their hand at this exciting challenge.

Booking info

You’ll need to contact your local Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO) so they can help organise this with you. You can find the AFCO finder tool on the Careers contact page.

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For further information about courses, general enquiries or to make an enquiry about booking a course, please get in touch with our friendly support team.