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CTCRM Lympstone
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CTCRM Lympstone

CTCRM Lympstone The Commando Training Centre, also known as CTCRM, is the principal training centre for the Royal Marines.

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Royal Marine carrying out climbing training wearing green helmet

Role of the base

The Commando Training Centre, also known as CTCRM, is the primary training centre for the Royal Marines. The CTCRM is divided into three training wings (Commando Wing, Commando Training Wing and Specialist Wing) each with its own Commanding Officer. On average, 1,300 recruits, 2,000 potential recruits and 400 potential Officers attend training courses at CTCRM every year. In addition, the Training Wings run upwards of 320 courses a year for a further 2,000 students.
Deputy Commandant General presents the Kings Badge to Marine Howard

Earning the King's badge

Kings Squad is a prestigious honour awarded to the top recruit in Royal Marines Commando Training. It began in 1918 when King George V inspected the Depot Royal Marines and designated the senior squad as the “King’s Squad”. The King’s Badge, a symbol of excellence, is awarded to the best all-round recruit in the squad. This tradition recognises outstanding achievement and fosters the spirit of camaraderie and dedication within the Royal Marines. The Royal Marines Deal is the base where the 4th Battalion Royal Marine Light Infantry, observed by the King, trained for the successful Raid on Zeebrugge in 1918.

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CTCRM Lympstone

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