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KHM Portsmouth / Safety and regulations

Safety Policies and codes

This section includes the port's Safety and Environmental Management System, policies, codes and plans, used to manage the port safely.

A police rib boat speeding through the sea with the front end of it high above water

Portsmouth Enforcement Policy

KHM are responsible for navigating all in the port area, ensuring there is no risk of danger to life or property with a commitment to comply with the measures set out in the PMSC.

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A large sailing boat being approached by a harbour patrol

Safety and Environmental Management System

KHM are responsible for facilitating the safety of navigation for all water users within the limits of the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth.

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Context image of a fleet of boats on maneuver at sea

Navigational Safety Policy

KHM are responsible for facilitating the safety of navigation for all water users within the limits of the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth. 

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3 sailors in fire protective gear searching through a boat

Portsmouth Emergency Contingency Plan

KHM have developed this plan to be used when dealing with an incident or emergency within the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth.

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A hunt class boat approaching the camera with a helicopter circling it
Context image of a large boat approaching the port of Portsmouth

PMSC Guide to Good Practice

It contains useful information and more detailed guidance on a number of issues relevant to the management of ports and other marine facilities.

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HMS St Albans arrives in Portsmouth with the SO Powerful escorting it

Annual Report

Performance against the Harbour Safety Plan is assessment via the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth Annual Report.

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Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC)

The Port Marine Safety Code (“the Code”) sets out a national standard for every aspect of port marine safety. Its aim is to enhance safety for everyone who uses or works in the UK port marine environment. It is endorsed by the UK Government, the devolved administrations and representatives from across the maritime sector and, while the Code is not mandatory, these bodies have a strong expectation that all harbour authorities will comply. The Code is intended to be flexible enough that any size or type of harbour or marine facility will be able to apply its principles in a way that is appropriate and proportionate to local requirements.

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A P167 Archer class vessel driving through the sea

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