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KHM Portsmouth



King’s Harbour Master Portsmouth

Navwarn No 63/23

1. Due to a serious defect, Fort Blockhouse Radar and CCTV cameras are currently out of service. 

2. KHM Portsmouth has automatic identification system (AIS), Radar and CCTV coverage of the majority of the port from other sensors but some areas of the harbour approach channel have limited radar coverage. In normal visibility conditions, there should be minimal impact on operations. 

3. In restricted visibility, KHM will exercise extreme caution in controlling traffic and it is possible that, in order to maintain safety, traffic may experience short delays in such conditions. 

4. The following Portsmouth NAVWARNs remain in force: 62/23, 61/23, 55/23, 54/23, 50/23, 24/23, 23/23, 06/23, 15/22, 57/20, 44/20, 15/19, 60/18, 75/17, 33/17, 27/14, 57/12, 52/11.


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