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KHM Portsmouth

Wash effects in the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth

King’s Harbour Master Portsmouth

Direction 3/13

  1. The Queen’s Harbour Master Portsmouth hereby gives notice of the following Direction hereby made under schedule 1 paragraph 1 (1) of the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth Order 2005, to draw attention to the effects of wash from vessels transiting the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth.
  2. Your attention is also drawn to the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth Order 2005, (a copy of which can be found at ) Schedule 2 Para 9 which states, “The Master of a vessel navigating the Dockyard Port shall navigate the vessel with care and caution and in such a manner as shall not cause annoyance to the occupants of any other vessel or cause damage or danger to any other vessel or to any moorings or other property.”
  3. Portsmouth Harbour. While transiting to and from the northern reaches of the harbour, mariners should pay special attention to the effect of their wash on boats moored in the vicinity and adjust their speed to minimise any adverse effects.
  4. Public Beaches. Documented incidents of ship wash on local beaches have highlighted the dangerous effects that unexpected large waves can have on local bathers and beach users. All vessels navigating within the area of the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth are to pay due regard to the effects of their wash and adjust their speed to minimise adverse effects, especially at times when large numbers of people would be expected to be using the beaches.
  5. Ryde Pier. All vessels, when transiting the Solent inbound or outbound, in the area between a line running North/South from the Mother Bank Buoy (50 deg 45.5 N 001 deg 11.2 W) and North/South from No Man’s Land Fort (50 deg 44.4 N 001 deg 05.7 W), must take all reasonable measures to reduce to a minimum the effects of their wash on ferries berthed at Ryde Pier. These measures will include, but not be limited to, an appropriate reduction of speed and, if applicable, an alteration of course to give the pier a wider berth, if passage through the area will coincide with a ferry being alongside the pier.
  6. High-speed vessels must operate within the parameters of their risk assessed passage plan at all times.
  7. Portsmouth LNTM 09 / 12 and 10 / 12 are hereby superseded.

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