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KHM Portsmouth

Reports of Oil Pollution in the Port of Southampton, Southampton Water, The Solent and Portsmouth Harbour

King’s Harbour Master Portsmouth

Direction 11/10

  1. Mariners are advised that the Queen's Harbour Master Portsmouth has made the following General Direction under the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth Order 2005. In order that oil pollution may be effectively dealt with, mariners, occupants of recreational craft and other persons sighting patches of oil in the water in the Port of Southampton, Southampton Water, the Solent and Portsmouth Harbour are directed to report the sighting giving position, extent, description (e.g. light film, slick, heavy black crude etc) and the direction of movement if possible. Very small patches of oil of an insignificant nature should not be reported.
  2. Reports may be made as follows;
    1. Harbour Master Southampton (Call sign “Southampton VTS) VHF Channel 12 Telephone: 02380608208
    2. Queen Harbour Master Portsmouth (QHM) (Call sign “QHM”) VHF Channel 11 or 13 Telephone: 02392723694
    3. In the case of occupants of recreational craft or other persons, to HM Coastguard, Solent (Call sign “Solent Coastguard”) VHF Channel 16 or 67 Telephone: 02392552100
  3. Under Marine Management and Organisation (MMO) instructions it is a statutory requirement in UK Waters to obtain specific approval from the MMO for any use of oil treatment products (dispersants) in water depths of less than 20 metres or within one nautical mile of any such area. This instruction in general, precludes the use of oil treatment products throughout the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth.
  4. Should it be considered by QHM that the use of oil treatment products will be required, as the Harbour Authority QHM will seek approval from MMO. No oil treatment products are to be used until specific approval is given and QHM issues specific instructions for their use.

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