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King’s Harbour Master Portsmouth

Direction 12/23

1. The King's Harbour Master Portsmouth hereby gives notice of the following Direction hereby made under schedule 2 paragraph 5 to the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth Order 2005 (“the 2005 Order”) for the proper protection of His Majesty’s vessels and property, namely, the protection and security of warships underway within the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth (DPP) by the imposition of an exclusion zone of up to 250m radius around such warships.  

2. This Direction is also made pursuant to the general duty to protect the port conferred on the King’s Harbour Master by section 4 of the Dockyard Ports Regulation Act 1865. 

3. The exclusion zone will be activated by direction from KHM over VHF Channel 11 or 13 and indicated in the movements’ signal or by Local Notice to Mariners, if time permits. The warship for whom the zone is being activated will display two diamond shapes vertically disposed where best seen by day and show two flashing red lights at the masthead horizontally disposed by night. All escorting vessels will show a blue flashing light by day and by night.  Escort personnel will be armed.  The exclusion zone shall be based on a distance of 250m radius from the extremities of the vessel, or to the limits of navigable water, whichever is closer. 

4. When the zone is activated, all vessels underway, except those involved in the escort or specifically authorised by the escort commander, are to remain clear of the exclusion zone.  

5. Vessels which enter the exclusion zone will, after being warned by at least two of the following methods; radio, flashing light, and voice, be deemed to have the intention of committing a hostile act against the warship being escorted.  

6. During the harbour entry or exit phase, all small craft traffic is to cease through the harbour entrance. 

7. Southampton VTS, on behalf of KHM, is to direct traffic within the DPP to remain 250m clear of the escorted vessel. Where this is not possible for navigational reasons commercial traffic is to be held until the warship is clear. 

8. The exclusion zone will cease either on the escorted vessel leaving the boundary of the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth or when broadcast by KHM on VHF Channel 11 or 13 and where practicable by the movements signal. When the exclusion zone is no longer in force the signals in paragraph 3 will no longer be displayed.  

9. Contravention of this Direction is an offence as provided for in paragraph 6 of the 2005 Order. 

10. General Direction 2/13 is hereby superseded. 

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