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KHM Plymouth / Safety and regulations

Harbour patrols

The waters of the Dockyard Port of Plymouth are patrolled by the Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) - Devonport Marine Unit. Its primary purpose is to enhance the security of MoD property and to enforce the Rules and Regulations of the Dockyard Port of Plymouth Order 2020. 
2 individuals on a MoD marine police unit rib boat in the sea with its front side raised in the air after the boat hit a wave

Ministry of Defence Police Boat Watch Scheme

The Ministry of Defence Marine Police run a Boatwatch scheme of which the idea is for club members to carry out observations on their boat during various times keeping a vigilant eye out for potential offenders of marine crime.

They are asked to notify the MDP Marine Unit when they start and again when they finish and never to challenge anyone and obviously never to carry out the task alone.

We recommend they carry some form of communication and are informed of contact numbers or radio channels to contact the marine unit for assistance and possible arrest of offenders. 

The leaflet can be downloaded clicking here.

A registration form can also be downloaded here.

Code of Conduct When Experiencing Cetaceans

Do not chase cetaceans or drive a boat directly towards them, wherever possible, let them approach you;

Do not respond to them by changing course or speed in a sudden erratic manner. Slowing down or stopping suddenly can confuse and alarm dolphins as much as sudden acceleration; 

Do not swim with, touch or feed cetaceans, for your safety and theirs;

Ensure that no more than one boat is within 100 metres, or three boats within one kilometre of cetaceans at any one time;

Please spend no longer that 15 minutes near the animals;

Do not dispose of any rubbish, litter or contaminants at sea;

If they approach the boat or bow-ride, maintain a slow speed and course until clear. Cetaceans should never be chased or harassed in an attempt to make them bow-ride. When watching dolphins, always let them decide what happens.


2 dolphins emerge out of the sea

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