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KHM Clyde / Safety and regulations


This section includes the port's Marine Safety and Environmental Management System used to manage the port safely.

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Clyde Dockyard Port Safety and Environmental Management System

The Safety and Environmental Policies of KHM Clyde define the organisation and arrangements that are planned to monitor, promote and proactively manage the conduct of navigation, environmental compliance and associated marine activities consistent with maintaining the risk presented by this activity as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).
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Emergency Management

In case of emergency, marine users should call the Harbour Controller on 01436 674321 Ext 3555 or Harbour Control on VHF Channel 73. Out with working hours personnel should dial Base Ext 4005 or use VHF Channel 73.

KHM Clyde has a comprehensive set of Emergency Procedures which are exercised and reviewed on a regular basis. These include the departmental response to a nuclear emergency and oil spill procedures. Occasionally, people at sea discover unexploded ordnance (usually historical). In which case they should use the emergency contact details above to report the fact to KHM who can co-ordinate the response.

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