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Systems Engineering & Management Course (Weapon Engineering) Phase 2

Systems Engineering & Management Course (Weapon Engineering) Phase 2

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Key information


To provide the professional training to enable a Graduate Weapon Engineer Officer to carry out his/her first sea appointment as a Deputy or Section Weapon Engineer Officer and to provide sufficient basic technical knowledge for him/her to carry out most subsequent appointments as a Lieutenant without further specialist training.

Course details


  • WE Department Management
  • Operations and Tactics
  • Engineering Administration 
  • Signature Reduction
  • Management of department training 
  • Logistics
  • Explosives safety
  • Weapon Repair Organisation
  • Risk management
  • Support organisations
  • Management of Weapons
  • Department security
  • 1 weeks adventurous training that may require DIPCLEAR for AT in Germany and Austria

Course work

  • Service and technical writing 
  • Formal oral presentations
  • WE administration case study exercises
  • 4 day real time simulated working exercise 
  • End of course exam


  • To have successfully completed SEMC(WE) Phase 1
  • Some modules have security classifications and therefore have restricted attendance

Exams and Qualifications gained

  • Deputy Explosives Responsible Officer
  • Communications/Information Systems Manager
  • End of course examination 
  • Successfully completed SEMC

Want to know more about this course?