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Petty Officer Engineering Technician Qualifying Course (POETQC)

Petty Officer Engineering Technician Qualifying Course (POETQC)

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Key information


The course aims to equip students with the engineering, administration and leadership skills essential to work as electrical and electronic systems engineers. Through work-based learning and a high level of integration of electronic, control and electrical theory and practice, students develop real world competencies in support of complex and integrated engineering systems. This is provided in a challenging, stimulating and self-rewarding study environment.

Course details

  • Mathematics
  • Electrical engineering science
  • Electrical & electronic principles
  • Electronics C
  • Electronics D
  • Combinational & sequential logic
  • Microprocessor systems
  • Micro controllers
  • RF techniques
  • Radio communications principles
  • Advanced information systems
  • Electro-optics imaging
  • Control A
  • Control B
  • Testing/tuning
  • Fluid power
  • Gyros
  • WE administration
  • Sonar principles
  • Radar principles
  • Electronic warfare
  • WE & explosive safety
  • Engineering design & project
  • General administration


  • Fluent in English including technical terms
  • Successfully completed Leading Engineering Technician Qualifying Course
  • Must be Leading Hand or equivalent

Where possible International students attending both the Leading Engineering Technician Qualifying Course and the Petty Officer Engineering Technician Qualifying Course, for the award of a foundation degree, will do so by attending the Petty Officers course that commences as soon as possible after the completion of the Leading Engineering Technicians course thus making a continuous course.

Exams and Qualifications gained

  • Continuous criteria assessment and final examination in all modules of the course
  • Award of Foundation degree from Portsmouth University for successful completion of Leading Engineering Technician and Petty Officer Engineering Technician Qualifying Courses
  • Post course recommendations
  • To gain practical experience at sea

Want to know more about this course?