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Eyesight standards

Visual Acuity Standard is to be Standard II Visual acuity to be achieved with or without correcting lenses

6/6 6/24
6/9 6/18
6/12 6/12

Colour Perception Standard is to be CP 1 and is defined as:

  • Successfully identification all the transformation and vanishing plates of the 24 plate Ishihara test OR the correct recognition of coloured lights shown through the paired apertures of the Holmes-Wright lantern at LOW brightness at 6m distance in complete darkness.

Colour Perception Standard for IPWO(A) and IPWO(B) is to be CP 2 and is defined as:

  • The correct recognition of the first 17 plates of the ISHIHARA test shown in random sequence at a distance of 50 – 100 cm under standard fluorescent
    lighting supplied by and artificial daylight fluorescent lamp.

International students attending IDT(RN) training courses will be required to present documentary proof of eyesight/CP standards on arrival on course. Candidates are to have their eye sight tested by their own authorities or by an appropriate independent medical authority prior to arrival in the UK.

Failure to provide appropriate documentation will constitute a breach of Course Entry Standards and will result in the student(s) being withdrawn from the course.

Further information on these standards can be obtained by contacting IDT(RN) examinations on all aspects of course.

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