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Royal Marines Young Officer

Royal Marines Young Officer

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Key information


To develop in a Young Officer the qualities necessary to hold commissioned rank and to train them to command close combat troops in an operational unit.

Course details

  • Basic military training including weapon handling, field craft, land navigationand drill
  • Military physical training to Commando standards
  • Section and troop level tactics in conventional warfare, operations other than war and under nuclear, biological and chemical conditions
  • Command, leadership and management
  • Military skills including signals, first aid and field engineering
  • Amphibious and helicopter operations
  • An introduction to the Royal Navy
  • Strategic Studies

Vacancies depend on Royal Marine training requirements, but will not exceed 6 per course.


  • Royal Marines Young Officers are commissioned as second lieutenants
  • for the course and it is requested that International students be similarly commissioned
  • Be not more than 25 years old on joining the course
  • Educational standard equivalent to UK entry of minimum 5 GCSEs including English language and mathematics
  • Attend and pass a Potential Officers’ Course held at CTCRM which will test against entry criteria standards

Exams and Qualifications Gained

  • Map reading exam
  • Signals exam
  • Military Law exam
  • Operations other than war exam
  • Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence exam
  • Strategic studies exam
  • Part 1, Part 2 and end of course final exams
  • The Commando tests
  • Infantry range supervisor’s qualification
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training
  • One-day Sea Survival Course
  • Information Technology Level 2
  • Defence Instructional Technique 

Want to know more about this course?