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RM Field Firing Safety Supervisor

RM Field Firing Safety Supervisor

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Key information


To train JNCO’s to plan and conduct fieldcraft, battle lesson and battle exercises using blank and pyrotechnics, and to safety supervise during TLFTT and LFTT exercises on a Field Firing Area including:

  • Overhead Fire and Flanking Fire for Battle Inoculation
  • Vehicle mounted small arms including pintle mounts and shoulder controlled weapons

Safety supervise during the throwing/firing of the following weapons on purpose built ranges:

  • Light Anti-Tank weapons
  • Grenades
  • Light mortars
  • Projected grenade

 Plan, conduct and supervise training with blank and pyrotechnics during fieldcraft, battle lessons and battle exercise evolutions

Course Details

  • Develop confident operators of all troop weapons
  • Achieve the SA E, F (90), M (07)

The Field Firing Safety Supervisor Course groups the safety supervision element of the RMSAA Course into one module. It is attended by all ranks on completion of a Junior Command Course.


  • To be substansive Corporal or to have passed an equivalent Junior Command Course (awaiting promotion)
  • To have passed the audiometric test
  • To be current and competent on all current troop level weapons systems
  • Passed BFT, CFT with a good level of field and load carry fitness

Qualifications Gained

  • Range Qualifications SA E, F (90) M(07)

Want to know more about this course?