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Mountain Leader 2 (ML2)

Mountain Leader 2 (ML2)

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Key information


To enable successful students to train all ranks in Mountain & Cold Weather Warfare (M&CWW) operations in winter and summer – to a specified standard – including combat survival, skiing, vertical assault and use of all associated equipment. Successful students will be able to lead mountain routes in winter to grade III, instruct military rock climbing to UK ‘Severe’ standard and have a thorough knowledge of rescue techniques. Students will also be trained as S&R Patrol Leaders and be made ready for operations in this role. 

Course Details

  • Vertical assault/climbing
  • Mountain movement
  • Surveillance and reconnaissance (S&R Patrol leader, inc survival)
  • Advanced mountain movement
  • M&CWW instructor

Course requires a high degree of motivation and physical fitness. All candidates treated as Royal Marines.


  • NATO Restricted course only
  • Able to write, speak and lecture in English, including technical terms
  • Must have passed a Junior Command course and be capable of instructing and leading
  • Pass ML Selection (includes arduous physical tests)

Qualifications Gained

  • S&R patrol leader
  • M&CWW instructor
  • Rock climbing (Military)
  • Snow and ice climbing (Military)
  • Basic Ski instructor
  • Level 3 Diploma-Supervision Expedition Survival and Surveillance 

Want to know more about this course?