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Waterproofing Training Vehicle Mechanic

Waterproofing Training Vehicle Mechanic

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Key information


To enable vehicle mechanics to maintain waterproofed equipment and carry out recovery tasks in the amphibious environment.

NOTE: Waterproofing is only taught on vehicles in service with the RM.

Course Details

  • Day 1 – Waterproofing requirements; theory and principals; practical ramp driver training in controlled “deep water” environment (Dip Training Tank)
  • Day 2 – Practical instruction on Waterproofed components followed by practical Waterproofing vehicles
  • Day 3 – Practical fording to and from an LCU on the beach fording in 1.5 meters of water by day and dark-hours
  • Day 3 – Practical de-waterproofing and post ford maintenance
  • Day 4 – Stage C and D maintenance and Drowned Vehicle fault finding and diagnosis
  • Day 5 – Practical Beach Recovery, examination, and end of course discussion

Vehicle mechanics gain practical experience maintaining waterproofed vehicles and equipment before, during and after an amphibious exercise/operation.


Vehicle mechanic up to the rank of SNCO

Want to know more about this course?