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Royal Marine Boarding Course (RMBC)(Non-Compliant)

Royal Marine Boarding Course (RMBC)(Non-Compliant)

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Key information


To train prospective boarding operators to conduct Compliant and Non Compliant boarding operations and force generate Royal Marines Boarding Teams (RMBT) for embarkation on operational ships. 

Course Details

  • To teach and revise the boarding techniques, contact drills and CASEVAC drills of Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIOPS)
  • To teach safe practices of the special-to-role weapons systems
  • To teach and develop Close Quarter Battle skills and Initiative Based Tactics
  • Train and rehearse delivery methods onto target vessels from sea boats and aviation
  • Revise first aid and Rules of Engagement (ROE) training
  • Develop coordination and working relationships within small teams
  • To teach and practice the use of Manual Methods of Entry
  • Conduct Public Order/unarmed combat training
  • To impart an understanding of integration and working life within a Royal Navy platform
  • To give all students an appreciation of H&S best practices and equipment care


  • Weapons Handling Test (WHT) – SA80K Carbine (5.56mm) & Sig Pistol
  • Annual Combat Marksman Test (ACMT) – SA80K Carbine
  • Battle Swimming Test (BST), Battle Fitness Test (BFT), Combat Fitness Test

The RMBC is the prerequisite for Royal Marines to become Level 3 Opposed Boarding Operators through the Enhanced Boarding Course (ECB) and deploy with Fleet Contingent Troop (FCT) on enhanced MIOPS.

The RMBC comprises 5 weeks of demanding, diverse training serials that require high standards of commitment and attentiveness. Students will be subject to performance assessment by the Directing Staff and must possess the capacity to assimilate a volume of challenging new skills quickly. 

Qualifications Gained

  • Royal Marines Boarding Operator
  • Certificate of Attendance

Want to know more about this course?