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Royal Marines Armoured Support Class 2

Royal Marines Armoured Support Class 2

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Key information


To prepare JNCO’s to command and administrate a Section of 4 x ATV(P).

Course Details

  • Vehicle crew life jacket & shark military re-breather training (pool)
  • Sea survival equipment maintenance
  • Non tidal amphibious training
  • Tidal amphibious training
  • Landing point commander course
  • Advanced general mechanical principles
  • M qualification 


  • NATO Restricted course only
  • C + E licence or national equivalent
  • Substantive JNCO AS 3 or national equivalent
  • In date for weapon handling tests and battle swimming test

Marines can attend the course but are unable to use the qualification until they attain substantive Corporal.

Exams and Qulifications

  • Battle swimming test
  • Re-Breather training
  • Helicopter underwater escape trainer (Viking underwater escape trainerwhen it enters service)
  • Landing point commanders course
  • Sea survival equipment maintainers course
  • M Qualification – to allow the JNCO to run section strength battle exercises using in service blank ammunition and pyrotechnics

Want to know more about this course?