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Landing Craft 2 (LC2)

Landing Craft 2 (LC2)

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Key information


To achieve the objectives stated below plus an elementary understanding of amphibious assault operations and conducting boat group operations.

Course Details

To train Corporal and Marine candidates to:

  • Command an LCVP
  • Command a section of ORC/IRCs
  • Be second coxswain of an LCU (10)
  • Control part of an ABU concerned with reception and withdrawal of landing craft, amphibians and cushion craft
  • Conduct beach reconnaissance
  • Final exercise participation – conducting various tactical operations by day and night and in all weather conditions including reconnaissance, operations,
  • troop insertion plus vehicle insertion
  • To be an assistant instructor in the above
  • Navigation - Assault navigation techniques 


  • Be a Corporal or candidate for promotion to Corporal
  • SQEP (Suitably Qualified and Experienced) as LC3 rate
  • Pass Basic Swim Test
  • Pass Royal Marines Fitness Test (RMFT)
  • Pass LC2 entrance exam

Eyesight and hearding standards can be found here: Entry Standards

Exams and Qualifications Gained

Progress tests weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8 plus final written, oral and practical examinations on all aspects of course

  • Pre-course preparation is essential as there is no time available for revision of LC3 level training. There is an ‘in test’ in the first week of the course which will test the student’s previous knowledge. This is based on LC3 syllabus
  • RYA Coastal Skipper Yacht Master Theory (Tidal) (Shorebased)
  • IRPCS – International Regulations for prevention of Collision at Sea
  • BST, Royal Marines Fitness Test, Battle Swim, and Fitness Test
  • LCVP craft handling and command
  • Sect command skills assessed during final exercise
  • Navigation and pilotage

Want to know more about this course?