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International Defence Training / onsite training

Royal Marines

This section shows Royal Marine training courses held at various Royal Marine locations available to international navies and maritime organisations.


45 Commando completing their final leg

Entry Standards

Members of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and the Royal Marines Band conducting a dress rehearsal at HMS Sultan

Royal Marines Young Officer

Aircraft of the Royal Navy from HMS Illustrious, dropping passengers and supplies off at Cape Wrath, Scotland.

All Arms Commando

Royal Marines from HMS Albion, take part in a display with their Dutch counterparts. The display forms part of the Marine Dagen (sic) day in Holland.

Skill At Arms (SAA)

X Company 45 Commando Royal Marines shooting their GPMG’s from the aft end of HMS Albion in the Baltic Sea

Heavy Weapons Anti-Tank (HW3 ATK)

Royal Marine Boarding Team Training

Board and Search Course (Compliant)

Commando Forces yomping on snow shoes and carrying their skis on the extraction from the training area during their Cold Weather Winter Warfare Course near Skjold

Mountain Leader 1 (ML1)

Commando Forces refreshing their skiing skills during the Cold Weather Winter Warfare Course (CWWC) near Bardufoss

Mountain Leader 2 (ML2)

42 Commandos deployed to Virginia, VA where they conducted their training on USMC Camp Lejeune

RM Field Firing Safety Supervisor

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