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International Officer Course (IOC)

International Officer Course (IOC)

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Key information


The aim is to prepare Young Officers for subsequent phases of specialist training, having completed initial training to prescribed standards and gained appreciation of the seagoing environment. The course provides the basic theory, practice and experience in navigation, seamanship and leadership in order to prepare officers of the Warfare and Seamanship specialisations to undertake the duties and responsibilities of an Officer of the Watch.

Course details

Phase 1

This phase includes a significant component of English language training, which aims to have all individuals at IELTS 5.5 by the end of the phase. Topics covered include: 

  • Military language – An introduction to the language used in all aspects of training
  • Leadership – An introduction to leadership terminology and methods
  • Seamanship and navigation – An introduction to boat driving, bends and hitches and chartwork
  • Ceremonial Training – Being part and taking charge of a marching squad
  • Physical Training – To ensure all candidates are at the required level for subsequent RN training

Phase 2

  • General navigation
  • Rule of the road 
  • Coastal pilotage 
  • Chartwork 
  • Anchorages
  • Tides, time & time zones, sunset & sunrise
  • Bridge simulator 
  • Communications
  • Fleetwork 
  • Basic Sea Survival Course (BSSC) 
  • Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) 
  • Board and Search
  • Seamanship safety package 
  • First aid
  • Leadership including fitness test
  • Introduction to warfare 
  • One week Passing Out parade preparation


Educational standards – As for INT(O) 

  • English language standards – Minimum IELTS 4.5 in all disciplines (speaking, reading, writing and listening)
  • Eyesight standards

Qualifications gained

Regular progress testing throughout the course to provide a close level of monitoring and to provide feedback to national authorities as required on the suitability for onward training 

GMDSS ‘VHF Short Range’ certificate (will require own nation’s endorsement) 

First Aid certificate

RYA certificate for Mib/Rib/Displacement boat 

All students who successfully complete the course will Pass Out as International Officers

Want to know more about this course?